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Poesia de Natal

Poesia de Natal, em mais um Natal, Natal estranho este, difícil. Mas perante esta estranheza dos tempos que vivemos, que em cada casa, em noite de Natal, ainda [...]

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“My Porto is made of sea, because the air I breath gets lighter when I meet the breeze and the waves inside of me.”

Paula Calheiros

“but Porto is much more than that; it is made of genuine people and of a light someone says it is sad; it is made of nobelty and charming narrow streets, and full of creativity and seduction, in which I want to take part.”

Paula Calheiros

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Viver o Porto is a blog about Porto, shared with passion through the eyes of a local.
Meet its people, its places, its cultural events, but also its feelings.

It is also a blog about experiences, lifestyle and travel.
Travel to, and from, Porto.

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