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World Yoga Day

PT Hoje celebra-se o Dia Internacional do Yoga - World Yoga Day. Quem por aí ainda não se rendeu aos benefícios do yoga, e desta prática milenar com origem [...]

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“My Porto is made of sea, because the air I breath gets lighter when I meet the breeze and the waves inside of me.”

Paula Calheiros

“but Porto is much more than that; it is made of genuine people and of a light someone says it is sad; it is made of nobelty and charming narrow streets, and full of creativity and seduction, in which I want to take part.”

Paula Calheiros

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Viver o Porto is a blog about Porto, shared with passion through the eyes of a local.
Meet its people, its places, its cultural events, but also its feelings.

It is also a blog about experiences, lifestyle and travel.
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